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It is a common scenario that if a woman is not able to conceive, she will be cornered. From this point, the process begins to find out the causes of infertility. Both the couple goes for tests and finally the problem is found. When a woman is not able to produce eggs or her eggs are not healthy, then the couple opts a fine solution to accept eggs from a donor.

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The eggs are donated by the third party or donor who helps the infertile woman to conceive. Generally, egg donation is accepted when a woman is not able to conceive with her own eggs but still, she could carry a child in her uterus, if a woman has a premature ovarian failure, genetic abnormalities or decreased ovarian function.

Though the donor program has been increasing successfully, still most of the couples have a monetary crisis to go for. Keeping their economic status in mind, Mathrutva, one of the famous infertility hospitals in India introduced shared donor egg program. It is the process of sharing eggs from a single donor with one or more recipients. This sharing donor egg procedure has been helping many infertile women at an affordable cost.

We at Mathrutva are predominantly doing Egg donation in Bangalore. Here, the infertile couple can access egg donors’ database who have already screened medically, psychologically and genetically. Single donor and single recipient process are easy. The selected donor is made to produce eggs and the rest of the procedure will be continued until delivery of a woman. But, in case of shared donor egg procedure, one must wait for other recipients to choose the particular donor. If a donor is listed as 1:3 cycle which means three recipients, the cycle will be carried forward only after the three recipients have selected the particular donor. After receiving 3 recipients, 8 weeks will take to transfer the embryo.

Rest assured Mathrutva’s egg donation program always brings out the best success rate to satiate the narrow feeling of infertile couples.

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