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Planning family according to the wisdom and will of you and your partner was never easy before like this. Want to enjoy your life or would you like to focus on your career without the tantrums of your children! Then go for the Vitrification process. Modern techniques and studies have given you a wing to become a mother at your will. Be it at 20 years of age or 40 years; anyone can become a mother using this process.

Why Vitrification?

This is the result of modern techniques and recent studies that have enabled human beings to store their embryo for future use. Using this process a female, who is presently focusing on her career or another stream of life, can become pregnant, whenever she wants. Once the male and female gamete has been conjugated to form the embryo, then using the Vitrification process the parent can postpone their parenthood for a limited time. This process is safe and has been in practice since the year 1983. Till today it has been used by millions of couples and it doesn’t affect the embryo at all.

Steps for Vitrification

Formation of the embryo occurs naturally in the female body, and once the creation stage is over, the Vitrification process sets in. Doctors collect the embryo from the womb of the mother and keep it frozen in a laboratory environment for the limited time. It has been observed that women who are in the age bracket of 30 years use this process because this process ensures that a parent doesn’t have to take tantrums of children during their busy schedule.

Advantage of Using Vitrification

Though the Vitrification is an age-dependent process, it ensures that any woman who is fertile and able to conceive naturally can become a mother once they are ready to become a mother. Be it at their 40 years of age or 20 years of age; Vitrification allows a female to become pregnant on her will.

Process of Freezing the Embryo

There are two steps to freeze the embryo.

  • imagePermeating

  • imageNon-permeating

Using these two processes, the temperature of the cell is lowered below the freezing point. It ensures the longevity of the cell and let women become a mother even at the age of 40. This process requires a high level of accuracy for a better success rate, and this can only be achieved once a patient gets diagnosed in Mathrutva.

Reason for Choosing Mathrutva

  • imageMathrutva being one of the renowned hospitals in case of Vitrification has the trust of several thousand grateful patients

  • imageIn addition to this, highly qualified doctors of Mathrutva ensures that the success rate of Vitrification always remains high

  • imageMathrutva promises its patients’ to provide low-cost treatment

  • imageOnline discuss platform allows patients to talk freely with the doctors

Though parenthood is good but it leads to an enormous amount of tantrums. Mathrutva has brought Vitrification process, which is affordable and safe too. Moreover, it allows a couple to become a parent on their will. So, if you are looking for a clinic for Vitrification, then visit Mathrutva as soon as possible.


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