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Most people think that infertility problems are only for women. But that is not the scenario. Infertility affects men equally and can occur to them too. But like every other problem, even male infertility has treatment options which can solve the problem. And if you are looking for experts in this field, then Mathrutva Fertility Hospitals are what you need.

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Various treatment options

The various options, which you can opt for to combat male infertility problems, are:

  • imageSurgery: Surgery is opted by many as a form of treatment for male infertility problems. In those who have a varicocele, surgery can be an option. Those who have a defective vas deferens can also opt for surgery. Vasectomy can also be undone with the help of surgery. Surgery is also done in cases where the male partner has a problem in the passage of sperm and sperm is directly extracted from the testicles. Some well-known surgeries are Percutaneous Epididymal Sperm Aspiration (PESA), Microsurgical Epididymal Sperm Aspiration (MESA) and Testicular Sperm Aspiration (TESA).

  • imageTreatment for Infections: When patients have infections as the sole cause of infertility, the infections can be treated with the help of antibiotic treatment and then other measures are taken for enabling reproduction.

  • imageTreatment of problems related to sexual intercourse: Sexual intercourse problems mainly arise from a condition known as erectile dysfunction. Another possible reason leading to sexual intercourse problem is premature ejaculation. Both of these problems can be treated by either counseling or medication.

  • imageHormonal treatment: In those patients who suffer from hormonal imbalance and thus have male infertility problems, hormonal treatment can be done to restore their fertility. The hormone levels are made normal by administering medicines.

  • imageAssisted Reproductive Technology (ART): With the help of Assisted Reproductive Technology, many couples have been able to cherish the happiness of parenthood. In this procedure, the sperm is collected from the male partner and then delivered directly into the uterine cavity. The sperm is either collected manually or through surgery. The sperm may also be used in the process of in-vitro fertilization. In some cases, the sperm is used for intracytoplasmic sperm injection.

  • imageChanging your daily habits: The doctor would advise you to change your way of lifestyle if you are consuming alcohol or addicted to tobacco. You will be advised to take more of vitamin B12 and increase your daily exercise levels.

Why is Mathrutva chosen by people for the treatment of male infertility?

Mathrutva Fertility Clinics are trusted by people all over the country related to various aspects of infertility. The main reasons are:

  • imageThe doctors at Mathrutva Fertility Hospitals not only give the best medical care but also understand the emotional side of your problem. So patients feel comfortable in their presence.

  • imageA unique, comprehensive and trained team attends to every patient and makes sure that his problem is diagnosed perfectly and the right treatment procedure is chosen for him.

  • imageThe cost of the treatment procedures is kept within the budget of the common man so that everyone can afford it.



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