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The treatment that you need to undertake solely depends on the type of infertility problem you are facing. Once your problem is diagnosed you will know which treatment is the best one for you. At Mathrutva Fertility Hospitals you will be guided by the best professionals regarding which treatment to choose and how it will be effective for you.

Treatment for Female Infertility

The various treatments that are done to cure female infertility problems are:

  • imageHysteroscopic surgery or laparoscopic surgery: If infertility is due to any abnormalities in the anatomy then these surgeries can help you remove those abnormalities. The things that are corrected using these surgeries are uterus shape, fibroids that can affect the uterine cavity and removing polyps.

  • image Tubal Surgeries :Some women are unable to conceive because of blockage present in the Fallopian tubes. Or sometimes the fallopian tubes become filled with a substance that is fluid in nature and the condition is called hydrosalpinx. All these things can be cured by tubal surgeries.

  • image IUI :IUI or intra-uterine insemination brings favorable results as in this process sperms are inserted in the uterus at the exact time of ovulation so that they fuse with the egg resulting in fertilization. .

  • image IVF :IVF or In-vitro fertilization provides the most favorable outcomes. The egg once being removed from the ovary of the female partner is fertilized in the laboratory with the help of the sperm of the male partner and then the embryo is transferred back into the embryo of the woman where it carries on with the rest of the processes.

  • image ICSI : ICSI or Intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection is the process in which the sperms are directly injected into the eggs that are obtained through OPU. After the fertilization is successful, then the fertilized egg is transferred into the uterus.

  • image Surrogacy :In the process of surrogacy the woman who is acting as the surrogated mother is inseminated. The sperm is taken from the recipient’s partner. The surrogated mother then plays the role of carrying the baby and then delivers it in place of the recipient. This process is opted by those who cannot conceive a baby at all.

    • imageSurrogacy is when another woman carries and gives birth to a baby for the couple who want to have a child.

    • imageSurrogacy may be appropriate if you have a medical condition that makes it impossible or dangerous to get pregnant and to give birth.

    • imageThe type of medical conditions that might make surrogacy necessary for you include:-

      • imageAbsence or malformation of the womb

      • imageRecurrent pregnancy loss

      • imageRepeated in vitro fertilisation (IVF) implantation failures.

Why are the success rates very high in Mathrutva Fertility Hospitals?

  • imageMathrutva Fertility Hospitals combines their excellent medical staff with an unparalleled approach which is a perfect mélange of compassion, warmth and care.

  • imageThe main aim of Mathrutva is to give the women an experience of pregnancy using the least invasive measures that is applicable in their case.

  • imagePeople trust Mathrutva and seek help from them because of their expertise and care in even the most complex cases of infertility.

  • imageWith an industry-leading pregnancy rates, Mathrutva Fertility Hospitals have won the heart of all, with their services.

  • imageThe high quality personalized care that they provide is unmatched.

So, if you are suffering from infertility problems and are fed up with spending money on tests and treatments that didn’t give you positive results, then it is time for you to turn to Mathrutva Fertility Hospitals.


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