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Tips for Healthy pre-pregnancy


Pre-conception nutrition is the most essential part of fitting own self up for pregnancy. Most Importantly upcoming mothers should concentrate more on weight such as your weight compared with your height and what food you are having for lunch or dinner will play a vital role in your health during this time and the health of your growing fetus. 

Pre-pregnancy weight will straight away influence your baby's growth. If you'll do research you’ll find that underweight women are more likely to gives birth to small weight babies, even though they may gain the same amount in pregnancy as normal-weight women. Overweight women have increased risks for problems in pregnancy such as thyroid, diabetes or high blood pressure. So, there should be proper weight and as per that proper proportion of nutrients should be eaten to be healthy so that baby also is a healthy baby and mother will also be fit and healthy after pregnancy. 

List of nutritious substance to maintain weight and growth 

The following are some advice on how and what to eat to lead a healthy life during pregnancy. Making sure you’re having proper food and avoiding unhealthy nutrition, and also maintain a balanced lifestyle. By maintaining this you will give your body a particular shape to make, and then grow, a baby. 

Leafy Green Veggies like spinach, kale, broccoli, etc. Which are rich in fiber, vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin A, calcium, iron, folate and potassium. vitamin which helps a pre-pregnant woman to prevent neural tube defects, including spina bifida, during the earliest stages of fetal development. Don’t eat only salads every day have enough quantity of food affording to your need. 

Coconut oil is very good if includes regularly in your pre-pregnancy diet. It can help settle your digestive system. A spoonful of this oil can help relieve pregnancy nausea as well as Hyperacidity. You can even add this oil heartburn soup Or bowl full of raw organic vegetable salad as breakfast. Coconut oil has powerful anti-viral and anti-fungal properties - Lauric acid and capric acid is present in coconut oil will be part of the adipose tissue for growing fetus and also it helps milk store of a lactating mother in the later stage. It will also boost up your immune system and thus, your growing baby will be free from fungal and inflected viruses as well. 

Calcium is used to build a baby's bones and teeth. It’s very much essential to have calcium in your diet, if you do not consume enough calcium, the mineral will be drawn from the mother's stores in her bones and given to the baby to meet the ultimatum of pregnancy. Dairy products are also strengthened with vitamin D, this nutrient also plays a vital role with calcium in the progress of a baby's bones and teeth.

Enough Protein is needed for would-be mother, most women don't have problems getting enough protein-rich foods in their diets. Still, I will recommend that it’s better to consult your gynecologist for which kind of protein intake is suitable for you. Pregnant lady should include protein-rich foods such as meat, poultry, fish, dried beans and peas, eggs, nuts, tofu. 

Eat fruits like raspberries, blueberries, and strawberries are very good and tasty as well. They're stocked with phytonutrients -- plant compounds that help fight disease. It contains lots of vitamin C, which is mandatory for proper collagen formation, it’s an opener to strengthening your membranes.low in vitamin C in your diet may increase the risk of premature delivery. In your breakfast, have a Plate full of berries and layer them with yogurt and high-fiber lentils. 

Apart from taking healthy nutrients, pre-pregnant women should maintain a healthy lifestyle as well. 

Stress can inflict havoc on your body by boosting diabetes levels also can affect I’m blood pressure which can suppress ovulation and decrease sperm count. Stress can stagnate energy and constrict blood flow. This stuff can help you manage your stress. Again I mention before doing all these do consult your physician positively. 

  • Breathing exercises 
  • Meditation 
  • Hot oil massage on hair 
  • Proper Sleep 
  • Acupressure 
  • Reading Journals 
  • Listening light music, 
  • Take a relaxing bath 

What you shouldn’t intake during pregnancy or if you are planning for it. 

  • Forgot intake of alcohol if you are planning to conceive, during pregnancy, and till breastfeeding. Drinking alcohol during pregnancy causes(FAS) fetal alcohol syndrome. 


  • Stop consuming foods which lead to food poisoning or other disease caused by bacteria. These include everyone's choice like soft cheeses, paté, cold meats, pre-prepared salads, raw or smoky seafood, and raw eggs. Make sure that eggs, meat, and fish you eat are cooked properly and should be fresh not like buying from the market yesterday and cooking day after that. 


  • Choose fresh fish. Some fish carry out more amount of mercury than others. Like if you want to eat Canned tuna which is very much affordable and also full of omega-3s. You can serve this 2 Or 3 in week. Here is some list of fish you can have while pregnant in your pre-pregnant period. Like- Shrimps, Salmon, Catfish, crab, etc. 


  • Never ever skip breakfast rather you should have proper nutritional breakfast during this time.If you can cut off caffeine that’s well and good Or just keep your caffeine consumption to a maximum of 200 mg per day.Don’t forget caffeine is also in chocolate, tea, some soft and energy drinks too. Don’t take prot5 shake without prescribed by your physician. 


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