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Surrogacy is an IVF option offered to patients where the female partner's womb is not capable of holding and nurturing a fetus. It is a type of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) in which a woman willingly agrees to keep a baby intended for another couple in her womb for the entire course of the pregnancy. It is an extremely complex process, and all the people involved in it are given extensive psychological counselling, to be prepared for the impending emotional turmoil that usually erupts during the surrogacy period.

Surrogacy is a globally used method especially in cases of infertility where the woman's uterus is not strong enough to nurture the child for the duration of the pregnancy. In this, an embryo created by fertilising sperm and egg of a couple is placed into the uterus of the surrogate mother. The surrogate does not have any genetic relationship with the fetus growing within her womb. Once the child is born, she has to give it back to the intended parents.

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