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"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you" – Maya Angelou

The words pregnancy loss and miscarriage often brings a chill to most of us. Having to gothrough that loss is quite painful and disappointing to the couples involved. Recurrentpregnancy loss is one of the most disturbing, frustrating and devastating conditions inreproductive medicine.

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Recurrent pregnancy loss can be defined as the loss of pregnancy about two or more times, consecutively. The statistics of miscarriages are quite alarming with about 12 to 15% of all clinically recognised pregnancies reported to end in miscarriage. These numbers show the importance of pregnancy care and conservation along with the fertility treatments today. Mathrutva stands out from the rest of its sort for its multidimensional approach towards infertility and associated conditions including recurrent pregnancy loss.
At Mathrutva, we comprehend the level of emotional and physiological strain you are going through with the fertility issues encountered. Our treatment is aimed at not just getting you through the physical aspects but for your emotional well being as well. We have an all round treatment plan that is custom designed based on the various issues faced by the couple.

Causes of Miscarriages

Recurrent pregnancy loss or miscarriages can occur due to a number of reasons. Some of these include chromosomal abnormalities, uterine disorders, hormonal imbalances, disorders such as polycystic ovarian syndrome, immune problems and so on. An increase in the maternal age has grown to be a major cause of recurrent miscarriages with the risk for the same being greater in women above 35 years.

Managing recurrent pregnancy loss at Mathrutva

At Mathrutva, couples encountering recurrent miscarriages are made to undergo certain tests to ascertain the cause. The treatment plan is devised based on the results drawn from these tests. The treatment approach is so designed to ensure their emotional well being as well.
Mathrutva is well equipped with world class facilities and IVF specialists in Koramangala, offering the best services in the field. The unparalleled success rate here, speaks for the quality of treatment services offered here.
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