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Smoking: Impact on Male Fertility 


The process of reproduction is a natural process for most couples, but however, some couples may go through certain complexities for which it gets difficult to conceive. Fertility of a man depends on the quality and quantity of sperm production. If the sperm count is too less it will be difficult to conceive which leads to problems and complexities. Male Infertility depends on a variety of factors but usually depends on the quality of his sperm.



In today’s era, infertility has become a common problem.  Almost 6 out of 10 couples go through this problem. For men, the rate of infertility problems is even higher. This mostly depends on the unhealthy and stressful lifestyles we lead. Generally, there are not many symptoms visible in naked eyes as there will be no difficulty while intercourse, erections or ejaculations. When medical tests are conducted the quality & quantity of the sperm can be seen.


 There is no safe limit for smoking, the only way to protect yourself and your unborn baby from harm is to quit smoking. According to various researches it is found that men who smoke have a higher chance of infertility as compared to men who don't smoke. The harmful chemicals in cigarettes can cause damage to eggs and sperm which affects a future child's health as well. A healthy baby starts with healthy sperm and healthy eggs.  The good news is that the effects of smoking on eggs and sperm and fertility are reversible which means if men quit smoking it will increase the chance of conceiving and in turn them having a child through the natural process. 


Impact of Smoking on Sperm and Semen Quality- 


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1.Sperm Concentration- Sperm concentration means the number of sperms that are found in a measured quantity of semen. Research has shown that if men smoke it leads to a 23% decrease in sperm concentration which affects the fertility of men. 


2.Sperm DNA: Research has shown that men who smoke have increased DNA fragmentation. DNA damaged sperm may lead to problems with fertilization, embryo development, embryo implantation, and increased miscarriage rates. Male smokers may also have abnormal hormone levels, which can affect fertility.


3.Sperm morphology: Sperm morphology refers to the shape of sperm. Male smokers tend to have oddly shaped sperms which may not swim well enough to get to the egg and may not be able to fertilize an egg. If the egg is fertilized only then will the couple have a child, but for male smokers due to oddly shaped sperms this might be difficult. 


4.Sperm motility: Sperm motility refers to the swimming capabilities of the sperm. When the sperm is not capable of swimming properly they have a lot of trouble in reaching the eggs and hence have trouble in the fertilisation process. Research has found that men who smoke have a decrease of 13% in sperm motility. 



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Smoking has a harmful impact on both health and the fertility of male.So, if you are looking forward to beginning a good and healthy family with natural means of reproduction you should quit smoking today. 



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