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Every day that passes without a favourable pregnancy test result can be tough on couples yearning for parenthood. The number of couples affected by infertility is growing today with environment, stress and lifestyle wreaking havoc of our reproductive health.

Reproductive system organs also play a major role in causing infertility. Tubal block is a major reproductive organ disorder encountered by women today. It is reported as the main cause in about 40% of the total cases of female infertility reported so far.


Tubal block is termed as a condition where one or both of the fallopian tubes are blocked which hampers the movement of egg and sperm, effectively preventing fertilisation from taking place. This block needs to be treated and removed for restoring fertility.

The success of a treatment depends greatly on the quality of the treatment centre opted for. We know what it means to you while you seek treatment for fulfilling your wishes for a baby, the hopes and trust you put in the hands of the doctor. At Mathrutva, we are dedicated to providing you the best treatment and support to walk you through the dark times.

With an updated infrastructure and a skilled panel of doctors, embryologists and other professionals, we are committed to providing treatment based on the cause of infertility. Our treatment pattern involves an individualised approach that is planned after thoroughly evaluating the patient’s medical history.

Women with tubal blocks do not show any symptoms usually. However, in some cases of tubal blocks like hydrosalpinx, unusual vaginal discharge and lower abdominal pain are encountered. Tubal blocks are usually detected during the diagnostic tests done by our doctors.

The diagnostic tests that are usually conducted to detect the cause of infertility include ultrasound and blood tests to check for the presence of infections. HSG or Hysterosalpingogram, a procedure of using dye to detect blockage is used in cases where tubal blocks are suspected.

Tubal blocks result in infertility and hamper the chances of having a baby when both of the fallopian tubes are affected. Laparoscopic surgery is effective in removing these blocks to restore fertility.

Mathrutva is widely acknowledged as one of the best laparoscopic surgical procedures for tubal block in the country. We offer the best pre and post operative care at cost effective and affordable rates as well.

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