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Sometimes, benign lumps grow on the uterus called fibroids, which are the most frequently seen tumors of the female reproductive system. There are many ways to remove fibroids. Myomectomy is one of them.

How is Myomectomy done?

In Myomectomy, the physicians remove only the fibroids but leave the uterus intact (unlike Hysterectomy, where the entire uterus is removed). A doctor suggest this surgery method when uterine fibroids interfere with fertility, the patient wants to keep the ovary or wants to conceive

Presence of a fibroid does not necessarily mean that it needs to be removed. Removal is necessary when the symptoms are troublesome or interfere with normal activities. Surgery is required in case of heavy uterine bleeding, anemia that is not relieved by treatment with medicine, pain that is not cured by treatment, trouble in getting pregnant, the possibility of the presence of cancer or when fibroids start to grow after menopause. Surgeon’s aim is to take out symptom causing fibroids and reconstruct the uterus. Before doing the surgery, the surgeon may shrink the fibroids with the aid of hormone. The main reason behind using this service is that it will reduce the loss of blood due to the surgery and is effectively helpful in case of anemic patients as rapid blood loss may cause severe damage to them. Thus, Myomectomy is a very effective procedure for anemic patients rather than hysteroscopy.

What are the various methods involved with Myomectomy?

There are primarily three surgical methods for Myomectomy and it depends on the size, location, and number of fibroids

  • imageLaparotomy- Laparotomy uses an incision in the abdomen either vertically or horizontally. The uterus is incised and the lesions are removed. This method is preferred in case of a larger lesion

  • imageLaparoscopy- The uterus is visualized, and then the fibroids are located and removed. It requires one or more small cuts in the abdomen and is preferred in case of small fibroids. Laparoscopic myomectomy leads to lower morbidity rate and faster recovery that laparoscopic myomectomy, studies suggest.

  • imageHysteroscopy- Hysteroscopy, preferred when a fibroid is protruding into the endometrial cavity and have not grown deep into the uterine wall, involves inserting a lighted viewing instrument through the vagina into the uterus

Though larger lesions have also been treated by hysteroscopy, it primarily applies to smaller lesions as concluded by a study.

Since myomectomy preserves the uterus while treating fibroids, it is a preferred method of treatment by many

Why choose Mathrutva Fertility Hospitals for Myomectomy?

  • imageIf you opt for Myomectomy at Mathrutva Fertility Hospitals, then the doctors there will make sure you recover within a few days of your surgery and return back to your normal routine. No one wants to sit at home for days, right?

  • imageAt Mathrutva your entire medical history will be checked before undertaking the operation so that your health does not have any risks

At Mathrutva your entire medical history will be checked before undertaking the operation so that your health does not have any risks


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