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One out of every six couples faces the problems of infertility. The problem can be with either of the partner’s reproductive system but when the male partner has the problem it is referred to as male infertility. Infertility is a big problem in itself and not having proper knowledge about it is a bigger problem. If you do not have knowledge about a particular matter you wouldn’t know what to do or whom to approach. So, at Mathrutva Fertility Hospitals, you will get the best assistance from experts who will answer all your queries and impart a proper knowledge on various aspects of male infertility.

Is male infertility common?

If you have found out that you have infertility problems and if you are thinking that whether male infertility is common, then you should know that infertility is a rising problem. And in every one out of five cases, it is the male partner who is infertile. Those men who suffer from infertility have some problem or the other which leads to low sperm count and adequate sperm is not ejaculated. And in the rarer cases, sperms are not produced at all. But for proper knowledge of what exactly is the cause of your infertility, you need expert guidance which you will get at Mathrutva Fertility Hospitals.

How will you understand that you have infertility problems?

You will not get any obvious signs that will signify that you have infertility problems but you will face difficulty during intercourse. You may face problems during ejaculation or have problems with erection. So, if you notice anything unusual you can directly contact the Mathrutva Fertility Clinics and rest will be taken care of.

What are the possible causes of male fertility?

The causes of male infertility range from difficulty in sperm production to obstruction in sperm transport. The sperm production problems may be due to genetic causes, infections, undescended testes or even torsion or varicocele. The sperm transport may be blocked due to problems with the prostate, vasectomy or infections. Apart from these, there may even be sexual problems arising from spinal cord injury or any form of medicines. Whatever the cause is, it needs to be identified properly otherwise your diagnosis won’t be carried out successfully. At Mathrutva, you will get to know the exact cause of your problem so that so no time is wasted on trying various diagnosis processes and you are advised to undergo the treatment that is best suited for you.

Why should you choose Mathrutva if you are suffering from male infertility problems?

Mathrutva Fertility Clinics are chosen by couples across the country for various reasons. Some of them are:

  • imageAt Mathrutva, you will get the best-personalized treatment procedures and their only aim is to cure the patient completely.

  • imageAt Mathrutva, you will get diagnosed by the best surgical equipment and be under the care of best gynecologists and obstetricians.

  • imageMathrutva Fertility Hospitals are very much committed to their work and can attend even the most complex cases deftly.


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