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Should I Go For IVF Or Not?


Babies, according to Larry Barretto, are bits of stardust blown from the hand of God. And, lucky is the woman who knows the pangs of birth, for she has held a star. Are you one of those women yearning to hold such a star but have not been able to? Have you not conceived even after trying several infertility treatment procedures? Hang on, it is not yet time to give up. In vitro fertilisation or fertilization of the egg and the sperm outside the body, might turn out to be a blessing for you.

Fertility treatment in Bangalore

If you happen to be located in South India, then you have an advantage that you only have to travel to Bangalore. This garden city has been taking leaps and strides in fertility treatments, especially in vitro fertilization.

IVF treatment in Bangalore

One of the most well known hospitals for infertility treatment in Bangalore is the Mathrutva Fertility Centre, a unit of Max HealthCare Pvt. Ltd. Their aim is not just to help you with pregnancy, but help you deliver a healthy child. With such an approach to infertility treatment, this center at Koramangala has a reputation even across the borders. Apart from Bangalore, Mathrutva has opened treatment facilities at five other locations, including Malleswaram, Hosur, Tirupati, Prodattur, and Kurnool. 

High success rate

Mathrutva has been providing excellent services in the field of fertility treatment for over 10 years now. The cutting edge technology and the expertise that they have in this field are unparallel. Unlike other centers, the treatment module at Mathrutva is highly customized and very affordable. The doctors here understand the distress and emotional problems couples face when they fail to conceive and offer a very empathetic, meticulous and research-based fertility treatment. Hence, the success rate is quite naturally high.

Available treatments at Mathrutva

  • Pregnancy tests
  • Medication for fertility in women
  • Male / female Infertility treatment
  • IVF treatment
  • Treatment for low sperm count
  • Sperm bank
  • Assisted conception treatments
  • IVF egg donation
  • IVF embryo transfer
  • Low-cost IVF, ICSI and IUI treatments

ivf treatment in bangalore

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