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For anyone who is suffering from infertility problems, the first thing that you will be asked when you go to a doctor is your medical history. This is because the medical history of a person influences a lot in the person’s reason behind being unable to conceive. So, at Mathrutva Fertility Hospitals, the doctors will give you a detailed infertility workup that would be meant only for you. Tailored specifically for the patient, the infertility workups are totally based on your medical history.

Tests for Females

  • imageUltrasound: An ultrasound gives a clear picture of the woman’s reproductive organs. If there are any tumours, cysts or any other physical abnormalities in the organs, then it will be immediately detected with the help of the ultrasound. The procedure is painless yet effective

  • imageOvarian Reserve Tests: The transvaginal scan is performed under the ultrasound guidance to check for the antral follicles or her remaining egg supply. It is held normally on any day between the 2nd and 5th day of the menstrual cycle. The blood tests that are commonly used include mostly the anti-Mullerian hormone and basal follicle-stimulating hormone. Apart from these two, the antral follicle count is also utilized. With this test, you will get to know whether your ovarian reserve is healthy.

  • imageHSG: HSG or hysterosalpingogram is an X-ray test to investigate the shape of the uterine cavity and the shape and patency of the fallopian tubes. Only half an hour of your time will be needed for this

  • imageHysteroscopy: This is a small surgical method of checkup which is done in Mathrutva Fertility Hospitals. The main aim of this treatment is to get a view of the inside of the uterus

  • imageBlood Tests: Blood tests may sound simple but with their help, you will get to know many important things like the levels of hormones

Tests for Males

Semen Analysis: Semen analysis is a very important test in men. It is the one test that will determine whether the male partner has any infertility problem or not. The following things can be observed from the result of the test-

  • imageThe sperm count

  • imageThe ability of the sperm to endure everything and survive

  • imageThe morphological characteristics of the sperm

  • imageThe motility of the sperm

Why the infertility workups of Mathrutva Fertility Hospitals are considered the best?

  • imageThe infertility workups that are conducted at the Mathrutva Fertility Hospitals can clearly signify the exact cause of your infertility and thus you will know which treatment will be fit for you

  • imageA complete blood test is an initial checkup that is done because your hormones play a very important part than anything else to regulate your fertility.

  • imageThe fertility workups at Mathrutva aim only at one thing and that is to give the patients the ability to conceive a baby and that is done in such a way that the patient doesn’t have to come frequently. Thus the process is entirely patient-friendly

Mathrutva understands the need to undergo a complete diagnosis before starting the treatment process and thus has made the best infertility workups for its patients.


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