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ICSI Treatments: Realise your wishes with Mathruthva


One of the major concerns of most couples today is infertility. The treatments and procedures that they undertake are also plenty today. Cost of treatments are quite too large. In the background of increased demands for In-Vitro Fertilisation techniques, there has been a large number of medical institutions and technicians that come up with the solution to infertility. It narrows down to very few when it comes to quality and cost-effective methods. Mathruthva, a unit of Max Fertility Health Care Pvt. Ltd is one of the very few trusted names in the field of infertility treatments and IVF.

ICSI- Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection is one of the very effective methods of infertility treatments supporting the IVF. Here, an active and healthy sperm is found and it is injected directly into the cytoplasm of the egg. The egg and sperm fuse outside the body and when it starts to divide to become a human cell, it is either deposited in the fallopian tube or the uterus. The mother is given extra care and health supplements to support the growth of the embryo into a baby.

ICSI is conducted when there happens to be a defect in the sperm. Low count of sperms, inactive swimmers, defective sperms not in shape, etc can be the reasons why effective sperms cannot fertilise the egg. Selected sperms will be used for the ICSI treatment. At times, the father may not be able to produce the sperms, where sperm may be used from the donor. In such cases too, ICSI can be done. Also, if proper ejaculation could not be done due to physical barriers as in a paralysed father, ICSI treatments have brought out the results to be successful in gifting them a child.

Mathruthva, the best in ICSI treatment in Bangalore and Hyderabad, has been a trusted name due to the high positive results from the ICSI treatments conducted by us and the pocket- friendly packages of ours. Being the top-most infertility hospital in India, our expert panel of doctors do take enough care to specialize the treatments according to the age, health conditions etc, thereby giving special care to each and every patient. So, delay not to step into Mathruthva Health Care to realise your wishes of having your child !

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