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How Does Age Affect Fertility


fertility among aged couple

Fertility is not constant throughout the life span of women. It is highest between age 20to 30. Generally, it starts declining by 30 years. Many Indian women by 35 years stand least chance of conceiving. According to many researches (By ACOG-American College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists) one in 4 healthy women between 20to 30 become pregnant with every menstrual cycle, But the same Fertility chance is one in 10 or 12 by age of 40 years.

This is because the availability of healthy egg declines as the age increases. The egg production is not a continuous process in women like sperms production in men (In men new sperms are produced every 70-90 days-It’s a continuo’s production for all practical purpose).

Eggs are produced once for all in the female fetes and it is stored in the ovaries. So ovaries are not production house, they are storage house. From that storage house they keep ovulating every month at that point of time they get exhausted.

Also as women ages, hormone levels can shift, making it more difficult for body to support pregnancy which is why there is increased abortion rate as women ages (increased abortion rate may be a due to increased abnormal eggs as the age increases)

As the age increases the chance of endometriosis and the fibroid also increases.
Both these conditions are known to affect fertility.

Endometriosis and fibroid involves reproductive tissue and may block off or change the relationship/ co-ordination of reproductive organ. This makes fertilization of egg and sperm difficult.

Men can also have age issues as far their fertility s concerned, but the decline in male fertility with age. Less predictably and it’s as obvious as in female
Men over so year may have difficulty in conceiving naturally. This may be partly due to erection problem and low sperm production.

Pregnancy in older age can have complication like-

• Gestational diabetic mellitus
• Genetic abnormalities in babies
• Repeat pregnancy losses
• Pregnancy induced hypertension
• Preterm birth
• Low birth weight
• Delivery complication

What is the right time to see a fertility expert? 

With increase risk of pregnancy complications after 35years, older couple needs to see fertility expert at the earliest (Note many women’s in this age group have healthy pregnancies)
If women older than 35years are not able to conceive on their own even after 6months, they must consult fertility expert.

If women older than 40years are trying to conceive it is better to consult a fertility expert to have complete evaluation.

When you consult fertility expert he may suggest you to take hormone test especially your AMH test which tells about your egg reserve, scanning, semen test.

He may also suggest some supplements and medication to boost your fertility and provide some procedure too.


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