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Does Endometrial Scratching Increase Your Chance for IVF Success?


An endometrial scratch may sound scary when you first hear about it, however, it is one of the widest used add-on treatment to IVF and boasts an impressive success rate. Numerous statistics can back up the effectiveness of endometrial scratching when it comes to ensuring successful implantation.

endometrial scratch

Endometrial scratching is essentially, scratching of the inner lining of the endometrial with the objective of causing a tear in the lining. This tear stimulate the release of hormones and other substances that aide in the repair of the lining. Here, the body attempts to repair itself and in the process the endometrial lining becomes perfect for the implantation of an embryo.

A 2012 study found that having an endometrial scratch was 70% more likely to result in pregnancy in women with unexplained repeated implantation failure. And researchers in 2015 concluded that endometrial scratching was more likely to increase the birth rate for women with two or more previous IVF failures. The medical community has to come to a consensus in terms of the effectiveness of endometrial scratching as an add-on treatment to IVF after the publishing of these studies.

The endometrial disruption called endometrial scratching actually happens the mouth before the IVF cycle. It can be done in several ways, but the most common is putting a small tube with a sharp edge at the tip into the uterus, through the cervix, although this sounds painful, there are numerous methods to minimize and eliminate your discomfort during this process.

In conclusion, scratching of the endometrial lining is a proven technique to boost the chances of fertility while undergoing IVF treatment. Couples that are looking to boost their chances of pregnancy need to ask their healthcare professional regarding the benefits of Endometrial scratching in increasing the possibility of pregnancy and implantation.

Blog reviewd by: Dr. C S Manjunath
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