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In the field of IVF (in vitro fertilization) an artificially produced embryo is implanted in the endometrium. Pregnancy is achieved only when the embryo properly attaches itself to the uterus. As it is understood this entire process is extremely delicate and needs proper synchronization. Endometrial Receptive Array is a diagnostic tool at molecular and genetic level to determine when the uterus is optimally ready for the embryo to get implanted. This test determines the exact time when the embryo is to be injected and when there is a perfect thickness of the endometrium. And Mathrutva is the best place you can rely on with Endometrial Receptive Array.

The human endometrium is a dynamic tissue; it undergoes changes at multiple levels during the menstrual cycle in response to ovarian hormones and paracrine secretions. An endometrium is receptive when it is ready for the embryo implantation. This occurs around days 19-21 in each menstrual cycle of a fertile woman and stays for 4-5 days when progesterone levels are at its peak. Endometrial Receptive Array has been developed and patented by IGENOMIX in 2009 and this extraordinary feature is now available at Mathrutva Fertility Hospitals.

How is Endometrial Receptive Array helpful ?

Endometrial Receptive Array helps to determine the personalized window period of the patient in which she has ideal endometrium before any artificial insemination procedures are to be carried out. During the phase of receptivity, the endometrium undergoes morphological, cytoskeletal, biochemical, and genetic changes to become functionally competent.

In many Fertility clinics where IVF is performed, the exact synchronization of an embryo which is ready to be implanted and receptivity of the endometrium does not take place leading to failed IVF cycles

But in Mathrutva, this advanced scientific process powered by genetical engineering increases the chances of pregnancy by a thousand folds

When is Endometrial Receptive Array done?

Endometrial Receptive Array can be performed in the following cases:

  • imagePatients with repeated failed cycles of IVF

  • imagePatients with atrophic endometrium

  • imagePatients with recurring implantation failure with embryos of good morphological quality.

  • imageThis test is also recommended for patients with seemingly normal uterus and normal endometrial thickness (≥6 mm), in which no problems are detected

The Science Behind Endometrial Receptive Array

This molecular diagnostic tool is used to analyze the expression levels of 236 genes linked to the status of endometrial receptivity, using RNA sequencing taken from the endometrial tissue. Following the analysis, a specific computational predictor classifies the samples according to their expression profile as Receptive or Unreceptive.

Why choose Mathrutva Fertility Hospitals for Endometrial Receptive Array?

  • imageEndometrial Receptive Array is the most objective and accurate test available today for diagnosing endometrial receptivity. And with the help of town's best Fertility clinic, MATHRUTVA you have the best technology in your hand

  • imageGive away your second thoughts, as Mathrutva Fertility Hospitals have shown excellence in improving reproductive performance in patients with ENDOMETRIAL RECEPTIVE ARRAY

  • imageAt Mathrutva you will get the assistance of best doctors, laboratory professionals and nurses

So, don’t sit and be anxious about your problems. come to Mathrutva today and get the solution!


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