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When you are unable to conceive, a basic or an advanced treatment can help you become pregnant. However, in certain rare cases, diagnosis may reveal that either the male partner's sperm or the female partner's eggs are not suitable to be used for the treatment. This need not be a cause of worry, as there is hope in the form of third-party reproduction.

In a third-party reproduction, sperm, eggs and/or embryos that have been donated by a third party, also called 'donor' are used to enable the infertile individual or couple to conceive. Another aspect of third-party reproduction is gestational carriers where a woman carries and delivers a baby for someone else. This is also known as gestational surrogacy.

Going for a third-party reproduction isn't an easy choice to make. But our Mathrutva team is there with you at every step, to help you both medically as well as emotionally. We want you to know that there is always a way and a treatment available. We are there to support you in making these difficult choices by providing care and unlimited support. We are committed to helping you become a parent through whichever treatment plan works best for you. Reproductive surgery in bangalore

Donor Sperm

If you are experiencing infertility due to lack of sperm, you can still achieve pregnancy using sperm taken by a donor. You can arrange for sperm through any of the nationally certified sperm banks, where donors are screened and the donated sperm is quarantined.

Following are a few certified sperm banks in the country:

Donor Egg

In a donor egg treatment, a woman uses another woman's eggs (donor's eggs) rather than her own eggs. This type of treatment is usually needed when:

1. A woman is unable to use her own eggs for conception but she can still carry a child in her uterus

2. A woman has premature ovarian failure, decreased ovarian function or genetic abnormalities

Donor egg treatment offers a high chance of pregnancy where other infertility treatments may not be very successful.

Donor egg treatment has traditional been considered unaffordable by a vast majority of patients. However, at Mathrutva, our focus is to help you become pregnant by eliminating any hurdles that may come in the way. With our help, many patients are now able to pursue donor egg treatment.

Shared Donor Egg

Mathrutva's innovative shared donor egg program helps more patients in accessing donor egg treatment. Sharing eggs from one donor with one or two other recipients helps patients save almost 50 percent on donor egg treatment. Data shows that donors can produce 18-21 eggs on average. This means that recipients can share the eggs from a single donor.

What you can expect

The shared donor egg treatment program is very similar to that of a traditional, non-shared, donor egg program.

Selecting a donor

Once you decide if you will or will not share a donor, you can select a donor. With Mathrutva fertility centre, you can gain access to our database of egg donors who have already undergone medical, genetic and psychological screening. Once the screening is complete, the egg donor is identified as a candidate for either the non-shared program (1:1) or a shared program (1:2 or 1:3). You can obtain the details of the donor from the egg donor database.

Once you have selected a shared donor, you must wait for other recipients to choose their desired donor. If a donor is listed as a 1:2 cycle (which means two recipients), the cycle will move forward only after both recipients have selected that donor. Once a match is made, it takes about 8 weeks from that day to the embryo transfer.

On rare occasions, an egg donor may not produce as many eggs as predicted. In this case, only one or two of the recipients will receive eggs. Your care team will coordinate with you regarding the next steps on such occasions.

Success rate

A common doubt that may crop up in a patient's mind is that sharing donated eggs with another couple may decrease their chance of conceiving a child. However, rest assured!! We assure you that the success rate of this program is very similar to that of a traditional donor egg treatment.


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