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Does stress affect egg quality?


Many women feel that the reason they are unable to conceive at a particular stage in their life is due to the stress that they took on at an earlier stage. Some blame the stress at work, other blame the stress that accompanies not having children in spite of trying, there are many sources of tress that are usually blamed, let's look at what the experts say...
Egg Quality
The relation between stress and egg quality is an old question that has bogged the minds of many fertility experts. There are several variants to this question. The question may also enlarge itself to include the very chance of pregnancy, i.e, does stress affect the chances of you getting pregnant. Their many biochemical reactions that occur when you are stressful, let's examine how these reactions affect your reproductive health.

Stress may affect ovulation. Your brain sends signals to a part called the hypothalamus which in turn regulates the bodies hormones together with the pituitary gland. The very process of ovulation itself is controlled by hormones. Therefore, any stress in the brain can have a ripple effect and end up preventing or delaying the process of ovulation.
The process of implantation of the embryo is also linked with the hormonal system since the preparation of the uterus lining is depended on certain hormones. So, we see a possibility of stress negatively impacting the chances of implantation of the embryo.

However, it is also to look at the opposite more practical side of things, women all across the globe have been having babies during war, famine and pestilence. It is very little in modern times that can equate with that type of stress. There are reasonable arguments on both sides of the aisle, However, one thing that is quite certain is that stress has no impact on the health of the eggs.

There is little to no medical evidence to show that stress will hamper the quality of your eggs, so you need not worry regarding the same.
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Blog reviewd by: Dr. C S Manjunath
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