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Dilatation and Curettage are commonly referred to as a D&C. A D&C is a surgical procedure that helps doctors to determine if the uterine lining cells are abnormal. This procedure is usually performed in an attempt to diagnose abnormal menstrual bleeding. It can also be used to help determine the presence of or severity of endometrium cancer. A D&C can also be used to remove scar tissue, polyps or other growths inside of the uterus.

How Does D & C Help To Deal with Infertility?

The term D&C refers to a procedure wherein the internal lining of the uterus is scraped either for diagnostic or for therapeutic purposes. The name stands for Dilatation and curettage. In this procedure, the cervix is first dilated bypassing metal dilators of increasing sizes. Then an instrument called curette is inserted into the uterus, and the internal lining of the uterus is scraped

Who Needs D&C?

Women who suffer from the following situations need D & C:

  • imageAbnormal bleeding before menopause-Heavy or prolonged bleeding

  • imageIntermenstrual bleeding

  • imageAny bleeding after menopause

  • imageHeavy menstrual pain

  • imageInfertility

  • imageAbnormal Pap smear

  • imageIncomplete miscarriage.

How D&C Works?

D&C can be performed in your doctor office with local or regional anesthesia. You are not required to make any preparation for this test. D&C uses a series of small cylinders that slowly increase in diameter through the cervical canal and into the uterine cavity, then your doctor will curette, a thin, scoop-like medical instrument to remove some tissues from the uterus for testing

What is the main purpose of D&C?

  • imageTo remove from the uterus of products of conception after a missed or incomplete abortion

  • imageTo remove molar pregnancy

  • imageTo treat bleeding after delivery by eliminating the placenta retained inside the uterus

  • imageTo remove submucosal fibroids

  • imageAs a treatment for heavy dysfunctional uterine bleeding

Why choose Mathrutva Fertility Hospitals for D & C?

  • imageIf you have any bad experience before with anesthesia, you need not worry about that at Mathrutva as the doctors will take care of such matters from beforehand

  • imageThere is no chance of infection if you opt for Mathrutva regarding your operation

  • imageThe operation is undertaken by experienced and efficient doctors so that no form of complications occur during the procedure

One of the most important aspects that will help a patient to achieve an excellent result in D&C treatment in the clinic. And if you are at Mathrutva Fertility Hospital, then you don’t have to worry at all about the clinic. This is mainly because Mathrutva has -

  • imageWell trained and well-experienced doctors

  • imageAvailability of online counselling option

  • imageCost-effective service whenever needed

  • imageHigher success rate compared to any other organization

Long are days are gone when an infertile female wasn’t able to become a mother. In the era of 21stcentury, even infertile women can get pregnant with techniques like D&C from hospitals like Mathrutva. So don’t sit at home, if you can’t conceive naturally, then visit Mathrutva Fertility Hospitals to become a mother like any other woman


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