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For those men who are suffering from infertility problems but are not sure whether the results they have received are guaranteed or not, Mathrutva Fertility Hospitals are the best place for you. Mathrutva Fertility Hospitals are the best centers for fertility assessment in the country and they provide a wide range of services starting from the fundamental infertility care to even the most advanced processes like In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) techniques. Their diagnosis process of male infertility problems is unparalleled.

General diagnosis processes of male infertility

  • imagePhysical examination: During any health problem, a physical examination is a must and at Mathrutva, doctors recommend a physical check-up even if you have come with male infertility problems. This would reveal to the doctor your medical history and help him to understand you better.

  • imageSemen Analysis: At Mathrutva, the basic diagnosis process that a patient is referred to is the semen analysis which is very important in case of male infertility problems. After collection of the semen, it is sent for examination, the results of which will notify if there are any abnormalities with the shape or motility of the sperm.

Additional diagnosis processes of male infertility

  • imageScrotal ultrasound: With the scrotal ultrasound process, the doctors will be able to detect if you have a varicocele or any other problem in the structure of the scrotum. With this test, you will get to know if there is testicular torsion, tumour or varicocele.

  • imageHormone Testing: Hormones play a very important part in the reproductive system. Abnormal hormone levels can have very bad effects and to diagnose them, a blood test is done which signifies if the level of the male sex hormone, that is, testosterone, is normal or not

  • imagePost-ejaculation urinalysis : This test signifies whether you have sperm in your urine, which means instead of ejaculation, your sperm is going to the bladder. This abnormality is called retrograde ejaculation

  • imageGenetical tests : Physical causes are not the only reason behind male infertility. There may be genetical causes too. A blood test is done to reveal whether there is any abnormality in your Y chromosome.

  • imageTransrectal ultrasound: In the transrectal ultrasound method of diagnosis, through the rectum lubricated band is inserted which helps the doctor in checking whether your prostrates and ejaculatory ducts are in good condition or is there any blockage.

Why Mathrutva gives accurate results in diagnosis of male infertility?

Unlike other fertility clinics, you will always get accurate results at Mathrutva Fertility Hospitals. This is mainly because:

  • imageThe doctors go through all the steps that should be taken for diagnosis. They do not skip the physical examination as it is very much required to know the medical history of the patient.

  • imageThe equipments used for the diagnosis of patients are of the top quality

  • imageThe gynecologists and obstetricians have several years of experience in their respective field.

So, if you are suffering from infertility problems don’t hesitate and come to Mathrutva Fertility Hospitals and know the exact cause of your problem with the best procedures.


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