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All those women who are suffering from female infertility should get themselves diagnosed to remove any doubts regarding the causes or exact nature of the problem. A proper diagnosis is very much essential for appropriate treatment. And for proper diagnosis, you need to visit a hospital that will provide you with the best services and latest technologies so that the results of the diagnosis are 100% accurate. And for the best diagnosis processes, Mathrutva Fertility Hospitals have the best technologies. The various diagnosis methods of female infertility are as follows:

  • imageOvulation Testing: Blood tests are done to check the levels of different hormones like progesterone, LH and prolactin. These hormones when not produced in quantities that are required can lead to infertility in women

  • imageOvarian reserve testing: This testing helps determine the quality and quantity of eggs available for ovulation. Women at risk of a depleted egg supply — including women older than 35 — may have this series of blood and imaging tests

  • imageHysterosalpingography: This process is a complex one and involves taking an X-ray or ultrasound of the female reproductive organs to check any abnormalities. A dye or a mixture of saline and air is sent inside the cervix. This finds its way up the fallopian tubes. With this process, it will be confirmed whether your Fallopian tubes are blocked or not

  • image Laparoscopy: This process is one of the least invasive ones. Only a minute incision is made beneath the navel. A laparoscope, which is a narrow tube with a camera attached to it, is inserted through the incision. This process helps to inspect whether any abnormal growth of tissues has occurred on any of the reproductive organs. The presence of blockage in the Fallopian tubes can also be checked through this process

  • image Imaging Tests: If the doctor senses that you may be suffering from any pelvic or uterus problem, then an ultrasound will be suggested which will take images of those portions. Since USG cannot see inside the uterus so in that case a hysteroscopy is recommended. For those who may have problems with fallopian tubes and uterine diseases are suggested to undergo a hysteroscopy. A hysteroscope is not only used in examining the reproductive organs but can also open the blockages in the fallopian tubes and remove polyps

  • image Genetic Testing: Infertility does not only occur due to anatomical abnormalities and imbalances, it may even occur from genetical problems. And to detect those genetical problems, genetic testing is necessary


Why people choose Mathrutva for diagnosis of female infertility problems?

  • imageAt Mathrutva Fertility Hospitals, the hormone testing is done with extreme care. They provide fast and accurate results of hormone testing

  • imageThe doctors at Mathrutva Fertility Hospitals will never burden you with innumerable tests and medicines. They recommend the less invasive procedures and go for the invasive ones only when necessary

  • imageThe primary concern of Mathrutva is you and your partner and their only objective is giving you a successful result. You will be able to conceive a child like many others who had taken the help of best doctors from Mathrutva Fertility Hospitals

So, if you have infertility problems don’t sit in your home and think about it. Come to Mathrutva and feel the difference


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