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There are many reasons for male infertility which include the physical problems or the hormonal disturbances and there are psychological problems as well. There are many options for treatment available as well. But, the treatment does not work all the time. Here are some major causes of male infertility.

causes of male infertility

Testicular Damage

The testicular damage of the males may result in the inability of the production of sperm by the testicles of males. If once the damage occurs to the testicles it does not easily regain the capabilities to produce sperm again. This cause of male infertility is somewhat similar to the menopause in women and it is not easily treatable.

Besides the damage to the testicles, the other reason for the male infertility is the poor quality of the sperm and the low production of sperm.

Defective chromosome

The disorder such as the Klinefelter’s syndrome is a medical case in which a male has two X and a Y chromosome which is normally one X and one Y chromosome. The syndrome causes the male’s reproductive organs abnormal development. And hence, it leads to male infertility. Kartagener’s syndrome, Kallmann’s syndrome, and cystic fibrosis are some other genetic syndromes which lead to infertility.

Sperm delivery problems

There are some cases in which the sperm delivery does not occur properly due to some sexual problems which include erectile dysfunction, ejaculatory incompetence, premature ejaculation, the blockage of sperm containing a part, or scarring due to the genital infections.


The use of drugs, tobacco, and alcohol are some causes of male infertility. If the lifestyle of a man is not healthy or he is poorly nourished, the man may suffer from infertility. Other than that the stress and obesity are other reasons for infertility.

Environmental issues

Overexposure to some environmental toxins and hazards including pesticides, paint, radioactive substances, boron, benzene, mercury and other heavy metals are also reasons for male infertility in some cases.


Men with age over 40 might become less fertile as compared to the younger men. The men lose their fertility with growing age.


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