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Infertility needs no introduction. Infertility is itself a threat to mankind snatching from them the right to parenthood. Female infertility has not only broken women emotionally but also taken from them the biggest happiness of their life – the happiness of being a mother. But now with the advanced technologies at your step, combating infertility problems have become easier. And Mathrutva Fertility Hospitals are here to guide you and help you fight with infertility. The main causes of female infertility are listed below:

  • imageOvulation disorders: By ovulation disorders, it means infrequent ovulation or no ovulation at all. This abnormality is caused mostly by the irregular secretion of reproductive hormones from the hypothalamus or pituitary gland or even from the problems in the ovary. Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) causes insulin resistance, obesity, abnormal hair growth and acne. PCOS is the most common cause of female infertility. The levels of FSH and LH also affect ovulation and irregular occurrence or absence of the menstrual cycle is the most common signs of it. Even with the increased production of prolactin from the pituitary glands, infertility may result. There is another problem which is called premature ovarian failure. This too causes infertility in women. In this situation, the eggs are lost prematurely from the ovary.

  • imageDamage to the Fallopian Tubes: When Fallopian tubes suffer from any damage, the female reproductive system is directly affected. This is because any blockage or damage to the Fallopian tubes means that the sperm cannot reach the egg.

  • imageEndometriosis: When tissue that is supposed to grow in the uterus, behaves abnormally and attaches itself to some other place and starts growing there, this is called endometriosis and its surgical removal as well as its occurrence can lead to scarring which will ultimately lead to infertility.

  • imageCervical Causes: Several cervical causes can lead to infertility too in various ways. Mostly they do not allow the entry of sperm so the egg is not fertilized. Some causes include benign polyps or tumors, abnormalities that are present since birth and cervical stenosis.

Why choose Mathrutva for detection of female infertility causes?

  • imageAt Mathrutva Fertility Hospitals, you will get all forms of diagnosis for female infertility. The success rates of pregnancy at Mathrutva are very high

  • imageThe first priority of the MathrutvaFerticlity Hospitals is their patients. The welfare of the patients is their aim and they do everything possible to give their patients the best results

  • imageTheir team of consultants and nurses has several years of experience in this field

  • imageThe gynecologists and obstetricians are the best in the country.

  • imageThe IVF facilities have been successful in the majority of the cases. This is mainly because the doctors take care of every step of the process. So is the case of IUI

  • imageWith the affordable services, Mathrutva has gained the trust of people all over the country.


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