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Acupuncture is one of the traditional practices in Asian countries, especially in China, Japan anther countries of Asia. However, in present-day, this treatment has achieved great fame because of simplicity, effectiveness and cost-effective nature. Studies’ regarding the acupuncture is still on though it has been in practice to treat a disease like arthritis, spondylitis, blood pressure and others. One of the latest additions to this list is treating infertility. Yes! Believe your eyes; it’s true. Acupuncture can really increase your chance of getting pregnant.

How Acupuncture Can Help You In Getting Pregnant?

Though acupuncture is in practice since a long time but in present days this is widely used by the artificial insemination clinics, as in Mathrutva, to treat their patients with a significant amount of bonding. While acupuncture is great for treating arthritis, spondylitis and another orthopaedic disease, recent studies have seen that it can really become helpful in case of getting pregnant.

  • imageEnhances the blood circulation in the body

  • imageReduces stress

  • imagelowers the blood pressure

  • imageIncrease the sensation in the body

  • imageBalances the secretion of hormone

If the acupuncture is done in a specialised clinic like Mathrutva, then it can really become helpful to the patients. And Mathrutva has high success rates in pregnancy after implementing acupuncture.

Success Rate

Is it still hard for you to believe that acupuncture can really increase your chance of getting pregnant? Then read the following details.

  • imageAccording to recent studies, it has been scientifically proved that acupuncture can increase the rate of conception by 26%

  • imageif acupuncture is combined with intrauterine insemination (IUI), then the chance of success rate is as high as 65%

  • imageChances of success rate in case of Assisted Reproductive Therapy (ART) gets enhanced by 35% if acupuncture is used

These statistical details are certainly sufficient enough to prove that acupuncture can really become helpful in case of your pregnancy.

Who Can Get Acupuncture Treatment For Infertility?

There is no age bar in case of getting an acupuncture treatment; however, if it is related to infertility, then there are mainly three groups of people who can avail this treatment from specialised centres like Mathrutva

  • imageCouples, either the woman or man or both of them, who have decided to chose a non-synthetic method towards their conception

  • imageCouples, either the woman or man or both of them, who want to increase the success rate of their ART treatment

  • imageCouples, either the woman or man or both of them, who have not yet conceived but ready to do so

Mathrutva – Why to Choose This Centre!

Mathrutva is one of the renowned IVF centers that provide acupuncture treatment to their patients. It enhances the success rate of IUI and ART treatment. How? Let’s look into the facts.

  • imageDoctors at Mathrutva are specialised in acupuncture

  • imagesuccess rate is as high as 65%

  • imageCost is low compared to other centres

Be it IUI or ART, acupuncture is great for your health, and it enhances your chance of getting pregnant. Thus, without waiting, visit Mathrutva as soon as possible


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