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Egg Donation: The fear you might face - Resolved at Mathrutva


The number of couples facing the issues of infertility is not rare today, but to the rescue, medical advancements in the field of infertility treatment and assisted reproductive techniques (ART) have been able to provide us with the expected results of happiness. Women infertility has been sought out using different treatment methodologies, among which egg donation is one of the very important methods. Mathrutva Fertility centre, Bangalore provides you with the best options in infertility treatment in India according to the medical condition of each couple assuring the results you’ve always wanted.

Egg donation is the process by which a woman donates her eggs to another woman who receives sperms from her husband to conceive the child.

When should I consider receiving eggs from a donor?

  • Producing eggs of low quality and number reducing the chances of successful fertilization
  • Premature menopause stopping the production of eggs
  • Genetic diseases which can be transferred from mother to child

Who can donate the eggs?

  • Women with healthy and regular ovulation
  • Genes without any hereditary diseases
  • Women who have not donated more than 6 times
  • Women who have passed the physical and physiological screening tests before donating eggs.

However, most of the parents worry about the inheritance while using donor eggs. Half of the genes will be inherited from the donor, and the rest will be determined by the father’s genetics. While still, there are certain factors called microRNAs which are present in the amniotic fluid of the baby, which are also absorbed by the baby, tuning the mother’s influence on the baby. The donor cannot claim her right over the child. So, worry not, for using eggs from a donor while it comes to having the attachment with your baby.

Possible fears and confusions regarding the egg donation and receiving them by a couple are quite usual to occur and we, Mathrutva Infertility centre provides you with the best guidance and support in egg donation programme in Bangalore. So delay not to reach us out to realize your dream of having your child with no worries!

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